June 29, 2020

Meet The MindCraft AI Research Lab!


We are happy to announce the opening of the MindCraft AI R&D Lab. It’s been six months since we launched our Research Lab project in a test mode.

The Mindcraft Research Lab focuses on startups and scale-ups urgently looking for insights into their AI-based projects to be presented to investors in the nearest future.

In our R&D Lab, the Mindcraft team will help you create a vision of your product, by means of rapidly building a Demo, a well-structured and comprehensive visualization of your product idea which you can present to your investors or customers as an initial prototype.

Your Product Demo will be created as a joint effort of our Business Analysts, Data Science Engineers and Software Developers, in active collaboration with you and based on your business needs. We are looking for tasks that can be solved within 1-2 weeks. As a result, you will receive a basic AI-based demo-version of the product, which you will be able to showcase to potential investors or include in your product offering.

Why this approach works and is mutually beneficial: 

  1. The demo is a shortened version of the PoC, in a short period of time you get a visualization of your AI task and an analysis of potential risks, pitfalls, and bottlenecks.
  2. You will be able to more accurately estimate the budget for your product, thus minimizing the risk of failure for your PoC or MVP.
  3. Engagement models focus on your task. We can split the research expenses, we might also invest into your idea.
  4. You will have a comprehensive demo to show to your potential investors and customers, which will play a crucial role in their decision-making process.
  5. Reliability, you will have a chance to get a qualified consultation from our proven AI team. Our engineers will help you understand the technical side of your product and find important insights.

For the last 6 months, we’ve already helped 5 companies visualize their product ideas, 2 of them have already received their funding. We are happy for our partners and proud that we were able to contribute to their success.

The whole idea behind our project is to help innovators, dreamers and doers feel and understand how important their ideas are, by providing resources and supporting them in bringing those ideas to life.

  Few of the projects we helped make a reality:

I am certain that this program can be of great help to your (or your friends’) business.

If you (or your friends) have an idea that can be realized with the help of AI and a need to visualize it for yourself or to get funding – feel free to reach out to us via team@mindCraft.ai, or through the social media, as well as tag your friends who you think can benefit from our help.

Thank you for your trust, 
Your Team MindСraft.ai 

P.S. A special thank you goes to the Mindcraft team, for organizing those week-long marathons helping make business ideas a reality, thank you for becoming the critical part of our partners’ success! Well-done! Viach B, Volodymyr Sendetskyi, Mykola Kozlenko , Oleksiy Simkiv , Andy Bosyi 

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