Hello Friends,
What did you hear about Differentiable programming?

We are glad to announce, on 27th April 7 pm, Andy Bosyi will be speaking to our friends from Svitla Smart Talk about this topic.
We will discuss the following questions:

🔥What is Differentiable Programming
🔥Why computers are not full-time busy
🔥Math is the best modeling tool
🔥Code constant means decision by a coder
🔥Every if operator divides the world by two pieces
🔥What can be placed before and after the neural network ML ensembling – boosting, regularization, multiple targets
🔥Multiple networks under one loss – GANs, VAEs
🔥Learning vs. Differentiable Programming
🔥Inverse Graphics
🔥What to do with old programs
🔥What’s next with DP

So, see you there, the entrance is a free Webinar  

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