Data Science is not a Rocket Science:

On the 29th of May MindCraft invites you to learn more about “Data Science: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words”. We’ll be happy to cast some light on what’s needed to begin your journey into Data Science. Meet Alex Simkiv, Senior Data Scientist / Co-Founder MindCraft and Andy Bosyi, CEO / Co-Founder MindCraft:

Alex Simkiv will tell you about «How to Try Yourself in the Role of a Data Scientist»:

  • Personal experience – how to start working as a Data Scientist
  • Why Data Science is not programming
  • How to figure out what all this hype is about
  • What you should know besides English
  • The skills you’ll never get from textbooks
  • Why you can still do Data Science without the knowledge of higher algebra or mathematical modeling methods and when this knowledge will come in handy
  • Is expensive equipment so necessary for personal research

While Andy Bosyi will share his thoughts regarding: “From Machine Learning to Quantum Computing”:

  • What a machine sees when it’s being taught
  • The transition of programmer’s consciousness from variables to samples or why there’s only one program but multiple tests
  • Quantum effects and what happened to the Schrödinger cat
  • Quantum computers and how they help with Machine Learning
  • How to make a quantum computer at home

If you’re interested in the next-gen technologies and Data Science, in particular, you’ll definitely benefit from our event. Especially since you’ll be able to meet our speakers in person and ask your burning questions about Data Science.

See you there!