International Project

In the second half of September 2018, an international project GGULIVRR@Lodz-2018 ( ) took place in Łódź, Poland, gathering more than 75 participants from Poland, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Ukraine. During those two weeks, our R&D Director Mykola Kozlenko was taking part in the project as a mentor for one of the international teams. The project is organized by the Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics of the University of Łódź. This is a multidisciplinary project that combines scientific work, practical orientation and teamwork of designers, programmers, marketers. Students from different countries come to Łódź to learn how to create and promote software products together.   The project has become a platform for combining the efforts of academic education representatives, practitioners and IT professionals. The biggest value of the project lies in the integration of students from different cultures and different educational backgrounds. The teams were specifically formed in such a way that each team contained not more than one representative from each country. Mykola had the honor to become a mentor for one of the international teams. Together they successfully presented a project and passed the working prototypes to investors to facilitate their further development and market entry. The commercial partners of the project, companies ABB,Accenture, Google, Fujitsu, 9bits and others offered the participants interesting lectures and master classes on design and software development. The project is conducted under the patronage of Antoni Różalski, rector of the University of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, mayor of Łódź, and Witold Stępień, head of the voivodeship of Łódź. We are extremely glad to have had this experience and we are pleased with the results of the project. MindCraft will continue supporting educational events and meetups, sharing our expertise and knowledge with new generations of engineers. Also read: Busting the Myths About AI & Data Science @ [bvblogic] MeetUp Author: Nazar Savchenko, OD at MindCraft Information Technology & Data Science