Recenty MindCraft received an invitation by [bvblogic] to speak at a MeetUp dedicated to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our top data science experts Andy Bosyi and Mykola Kozlenko went to Ivano-Frankivsk excited about this chance to explain data science to those interested in this disruptive technology.

The Machine Learning & AI  trends is progressing by leaps and bounds, attracting the attention of more and more tech specialists and causing a lot more questions than giving answers. We were happy to see this truly versatile audience, with the number of non-developers almost equaling the number of actual programmers. They all had some previous knowledge about Data Science, which needed to be structured and extended to enable deeper understanding of the nature of data and how to deal with it.

Starting with the essence of such notions (which have now become buzzwords) as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence itself, Andy and Mykola presented a great number of comprehensive practical examples, easy to grasp even for non-technical listeners. Slowly the lecture moved towards very fascinating topics, touching the common beliefs about data science and proving there’s a lot more to it than people think.

For example, oftentimes the term Artificial Intelligence is misused, applied as a marketing trick to sell various solutions and devices, even robots. However, all these things are not even near the real meaning of artificial intelligence and definitely don’t have what it takes.

We reviewed the problems that Machine Learning  & AI  faced in the past such as complex deployment, the lack of suitable frameworks and cumbersome coding and discussed the current trends hinting on the possible future of DS: Big Data and Business Intelligence, supervised deep learning, frameworks with open interfaces and transfer to general-purpose languages like Python.

Many popular AI questions are not solved yet, despite what the society is told, and there are many more possible applications of DS yet to be discovered. One thing is certain: it is not long until Data Science and Machine Learning-based solutions take their place in human homes.

It seemed that the audience shared our opinion and wanted to get deeper into how data science works, actively posing questions. Here at MindCraft we are glad to observe this growing interest to the technology we ourselves are passionate about. For those of you who missed the event, there’s still a chance to attend – virtually, via the link. You can also listen to our speakers sharing their vision of the future of Data Science here.

Both Andy and Mykola have years of experience as software engineers with a common interest in Data. This interest pushed them to abandon other spheres and focus their efforts solely on discovering new ways to work with Data and creating innovative solutions involving data management techniques. This is how MindCraft appeared. A product of the shared passion of a few people, it now attracts the like-minded specialists forming a community. We are determined to continue this way, so follow the news. Hope to see you at the next event soon!

Bay the way, here you can find an helpful information about Data Science for the Experienced. How to Find Your Way into the World of Data Science?

Nazar Savchenko, OD at MindCraft
Information Technology & Data Science